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Mutant Grass Continues to Escape

Jim Hagedorn, the CEO of Scotts Miracle-Gro, has admitted that the current system of lawn care is unsustainable. But Hagedorn wants to solve that problem by genetically modifying all grass plants so they grow more slowly, require less water, and are resistant to the weed killer Roundup.

For a few years, Miracle-Gro had the U.S. government’s permission to test genetically modified lawn grass. But in 2007, Miracle-Gro had to pay a $500,000 fine because the grass had escaped its test plots. And because grass is pollinated by the wind and easily cross-pollinates with related plants, its genes are impossible to contain to one area.

Safe Lawns reports:

“... [B]io-tech experiment grass is leap-frogging from Oregon to Idaho, and back. Scientists are being forced to run from ditch to ditch and field to field, many miles apart, to try to contain a[n] ... experiment gone amok.”

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