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What are the World's 10 Fattest Countries?

The World Health Organization projects that five years from now, in 2015, the number of overweight adults will increase to 2.3 billion, up from just 1.6 billion five years ago.

The Global Post lists the world's top ten fattest countries, as measured by the percentage of the population with a BMI index of more than 25. Most are island nations, but the U.S. is also on the list.

1) Nauru: 95 percent of the population

Nauruans historically engaged in fattening ceremonies, where young women were kept inside and fed to excess. That legacy, plus the more recent transition to Western-style meals, has been devastating.

2) Micronesia, 3) the Cook Islands and 4) Tonga: All three of these island nations weight in at a 92 percent overweight population.

5) Niue: 84 percent

6) Samoa: 83 percent

7) Palau: 81 percent

8) United States: 79 percent

9) Kiribati: 77 percent.

10) Dominica: 76 percent

Other overweight nations include Kuwait and Argentina (75 percent), Mexico (73 percent), Australia (71 percent), Egypt and Greece (70 percent), Belarus (67 percent) and the United Kingdom (66 percent).

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