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Do Nanoparticles in Personal Care Products Pose a Health Risk?

Minute particles used in everyday products -- ranging from computers to shampoo -- can adversely affect your lungs in a variety of different ways, according to a new study.

The research suggests that manufacturers who use these nanoparticles should be aware of the risks that different types of nanoparticles pose. The nanoparticles are potentially hazardous to workers handling the chemicals used to make products, although there is thought to be less of a chance of substantial risk once they are incorporated in consumer goods used by the public.

According to Eurekalert:

“The study ... showed that four different types of nanoparticles produced distinct patterns of lung injury in rats, some involving the immune system. Researchers found that some nanoparticles were more likely to trigger an asthmatic-style reaction while others led to a worsening severe lung injury.”

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