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Brother and Sister Stricken by Gardasil HPV Vaccine

In 2009, under the advice of her children’s pediatrician, a mother had her teenaged daughter, Danielle, vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine. The information sheet she was given listed no serious adverse side effects. In February of 2010, her daughter got her second shot, and had her 17 year old son Chad vaccinated with a first Gardasil shot, along with the Meningitis vaccine, at the same time. Again, she was told it was totally safe.

A month later, Danielle collapsed onto the floor. She acted confused and had extensive injuries to her face. At the ER, they believed she might have had a Grand Mal seizure. Police investigators accused Danielle of doing drugs, and accused her father of beating her. An abuse case was opened against the parents.

Then, according to the mother’s statement on PRLog:

“A friend did some research on the internet, looking for unexplained seizures in teenage girls. She called me and asked if Danielle had ever been vaccinated with Gardasil. This was when the connection was made. After I did some research, I called the DCF agent and told her to research Gardasil. Within a month, the abuse case was closed. “

But a few months later, she received a call from her children’s high school. Her son, Chad, had just suffered a Grand Mal seizure.

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