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Soft Drinks are not a Solution for Malnutrition

A bizarre article in the journal Pediatrics, entitled “Malnutrition and the role of the soft drink industry in improving child health in sub-Saharan Africa,” advocates for fortifying soft drinks with vitamins and minerals to stave off malnutrition. It makes this proposal even after explaining how consumption of soft drinks itself “perpetuates problems of undernutrition”.

Their solution, instead of suggesting public health measures to counter the effects of soft drinks on obesity or tooth decay rates, is to suggest that corporations attempt to fortify their liquid candy.

Food Politics reports:

“What the impoverished populations of Africa, Asia and Latin America need, are the means with which to lead a decent life. These include secure local food systems and supplies, access to safe water and adequate sanitation, decently resourced primary health care services, [and the] ability to produce and prepare meals from immediate and local resources ... What they do not need is more Coca-Cola.”

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