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Cinnamon's Anti-Diabetes Benefits Get Clinical Trial Boost

A daily dose of two grams of cinnamon for 12 weeks was shown to improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. This study adds to a growing body of research showing that active compounds in cinnamon may have anti-diabetes effects.

In the U.S., eight percent of the population, a total of 24 million people, have been diagnosed with diabetes. The total health care costs for diabetes are thought to be as much as $174 billion.

NutraIngredients reports:

“At the end of the study the results indicated that the cinnamon supplement was associated with a mean decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 3.4 and 5.0 mmHg, respectively ... In terms of blood sugar, the researchers noted a reduction in levels of glycated hemoglobin (used to measure blood sugar levels) over 12 weeks from 8.22 to 7.86 percent in the cinnamon group”.

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