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Is Your Home Supplied with Water Contaminated by Lead Pipes?

Those are important lessons to be learned from the recent release of a CDC report on the 2004 crisis of lead in the water in the Washington DC area. After years of denial and stonewalling, the CDC acted only under sustained pressure from safe-water advocates, the media and Congress.

In addition, the CDC and EPA have done almost nothing to alert the public about the report, even though it raises major questions about U.S. government policies on lead pipes. The report puts in question the safety of drinking water in numerous houses in cities that include Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit and Providence.

According to the Washington Post:

“When exposed to lead, young children risk suffering diminished IQ. The main threat in old homes comes from lead in paint and dust, and the added danger posed by water is subtle and hard to quantify. But the new report says it's real.”

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