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10 Ways U.S. Dietary Guidelines Should Change

In June, a 13-member advisory committee gave the U.S. federal government recommendations for what it should do if it really wants to fight obesity. U.S. News & World Report lists 10 of the key recommendations from the panel's report. Here are a few of them:

  • Think total diet. A concrete but flexible diet is more likely to succeed than one that is vague but rigid.
  • More potassium. Raising blood levels of potassium is a way to lower blood pressure, and many Americans don't get enough.
  • All fats aren't evil. There are many healthy fats, especially omega-3’s.
  • Tofu isn’t magic. Claims of unique health benefits for soy protein isn't backed by good evidence.
  • Tackle childhood obesity before birth. Mothers who are obese when they are pregnant put their child at risk of following suit.
  • Change the environment. Healthy food should be cheaper and easier to find, and employers should encourage workers them to get up and move around during frequent breaks built into the work day.

To see the rest of the recommendations, click the link below.

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