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9 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

The holiday season can be very stressful for some. But there are ways to fend off the holiday blues if you are prone to them. U.S. News & World Report offers these tips:

  1. Set realistic expectations. Anticipating that the holidays may be difficult prepares you mentally.
  2. Opt out. If you want to leave or miss a gathering, have a backup; make sure you're engaged and involved in the things you do enjoy.
  3. Don't be hard on yourself. A perfect holiday exists only in a fantasy world.
  4. Take care of yourself­. Get lots or rest, eat properly, and exercise.
  5. Help others. By doing this, others get your help and you get much-needed perspective on your hardships and gratification for doing something good.
  6. Remember, they're not as happy as you think they are. No one is without troubles, and you're often more fortunate than you think.
  7. Try something new. Get out of your routine.
  8. Don't stew. Try to be as forward-looking as possible.
  9. Monitor yourself. If you are experiencing they symptoms of true depression, such as crying for hours most days or having suicidal thoughts, seek professional help immediately.
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