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Measles in the UK -- is the 'Wakefield Factor' Real?

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been vilified ever since his 1998 article raising questions about MMR vaccination and noting there was little evidence to show that it was safe. One accusation leveled against Dr. Wakefield was that because of his research, children in the United Kingdom and elsewhere were more likely to come down with measles and die when their parents refused the vaccine on their behalf.

Because of this, even the relatively few confirmed cases of measles in the UK receive an inordinate amount of publicity that always included extensive blame of Dr. Wakefield. However, official statistics show that that the number of reported measles cases in the UK kept dropping after 1998, and only exceeded the 1998 figures ten years later during a period of worldwide outbreaks.

In fact, according to Vaccination News:

“There were strikingly far fewer reported measles cases in the UK in the 10 years that followed Wakefield’s paper than in the 10 years that preceded its publication.”

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