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Who's Trying to Scuttle the Amendment that Protected Organic and Family Farms?

Thirty agribusiness front groups and industrial agriculture lobbyists are fighting against the Tester amendment -- one of the few saving graces of the Senate’s controversial FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.  The amendment, introduced by Senator Jon Tester (D-MT), prevents local producers with less than $500,000 a year in sales from being buried under a mountain of paperwork.

But some companies believe that even the smallest mom-and-pop roadside stands should face the same regulatory hurdles as industrial-scale processed food operations. The Alliance for Natural Health lists some of the amendments opponents, who include:

  • American Meat Institute
  • Corn Refiners Association
  • Idaho Potato Commission
  • International Dairy Foods Association
  • National Pork Producers Council
  • Pet Food Institute
  • United Egg Producers

For the complete list, click the link below.

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