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Beekeepers Want Government to Pull Pesticide

Beekeepers and environmentalists have called on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to remove the pesticide clothianidin from the market. The pesticide could be linked to “colony collapse disorder,” which has caused mass honeybee die-offs worldwide.

The insecticide is sold under the brand name Poncho. A leaked memo has shown that a study that served as the basis for the pesticide’s registration is unsound. The study evaluated the wrong crop, using canola instead of corn, the major pollen-producing crop bees rely on for winter nutrition.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

“While scientists say [colony collapse disorder] appears to have multiple causes, including a mix of pathogens, evidence points to pesticide exposure as a contributing factor, according to the Pesticide Action Network, North America, and Beyond Pesticides, two of the groups seeking Poncho’s removal.”

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