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Kids Consume Less Sugar When They're Allowed to Sweeten Their Own Cereal

In a recent study, children were divided into two groups. On group was given a choice of three low-sugar cereals. The other group was given similar cereals in forms that come glazed with sugar. The children were allowed to choose their cereal, and they were also offered milk, cut-up strawberries, sliced bananas, orange juice and sugar packets.

The group given high-sugar cereal ate about two servings of cereal, which contained about 23 grams of sugar, and added 1.5 grams on top of that. The low-sugar group consumed one serving with 3 grams of sugar, but added an additional 9.5 grams of sugar. This means that the low-sugar group consumed a total of 12.5 grams of sugar compared with the high-sugar group's 24 grams.

According to Time Magazine:

“What does this prove? That left to their own devices, kids don't put as much sugar on their cereal as manufacturers do on pre-sweetened varieties ... In practice, the sugar content for the low-sugar group would likely be even lower. In the study, kids were not monitored and were allowed to tear open as many sugar packets as they wanted.”

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