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What You Don't Know About Gout Can Kill You

If gout is left untreated, it can cause long-standing joint damage. But what many do not know is that people who’ve suffered from gout are at an increased risk of death from all causes, especially cardiovascular disease.

Gout is a metabolic condition that leads to deposits of monosodium urate (MSU) crystals in soft tissue, recurrent episodes of joint inflammation, and potential joint destruction and kidney damage. Many recommend a low purine diet to treat gout, but such a diet is often high in refined carbohydrates which worsen insulin resistance. A diet aimed at lowering insulin resistance, however, can not only improve uric acid levels, but also improve insulin sensitivity.

Jarret Morrow offers some natural remedies for gout on his website -- here are a few he suggests:

  1. Weight reduction and daily exercise -- Higher percentage of body fat is associated with higher uric acid levels
  2. Consume vegetable protein -- Nuts, legumes, and purine-rich vegetables do not increase risk of gout
  3. Reduce alcoholic beverages -- Beer and liquor should be reduced in particular.
  4. Limit sugar sweetened beverages -- Fructose in these drinks increases risk of gout and elevates uric acid levels
  5. Vitamin C -- Vitamin C has been linked to lower levels of uric acid
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