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Bad Mercury Science Sacrificed 15 Years of U.S. Children ... Is the End Finally in Sight?

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee has recommended that the agency take a new look at updated data on mercury amalgam dental fillings that may indicate medical problems for patients.

The committee also said that more information on amalgam fillings should be posted for both for patients and dentists.

According to CNN:

“Public pressure prompted the panel's review, initiated less than 18 months after the agency's decision. Committee members listened to testimony by consumer and dental groups claiming the FDA used flawed science when it set the current guidelines for mercury safety levels.”

What does this mean? It means that a government panel of scientists, after two days of hearings, has determined that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is failing to protect children, pregnant women, hypersensitive persons -- and the rest of us -- from the dangers of mercury fillings.

Charlie Brown, of Consumers for Dental Choice, says:

“Today’s decision is a resounding defeat of FDA and its policy of protecting dentists’ profits instead of protecting children’s health.”

The scientists told FDA to tell American dental patients, starting right now, that amalgam is mainly mercury, and to tell American dentists to stop giving amalgam to children. The bad news, however, is that the entire matter is returned to FDA’s staff, which, Brown notes, is “notoriously pro-mercury and pro-American Dental Association.

I urge all consumers to tell Jeff Shuren, Director, FDA Center for Devices (Jeff.shuren@fda.hhs.gov) that we have waited long enough -- and that it’s time, this month, for FDA to (1) tell Americans amalgam is mainly mercury; and (2) protect Americans from mercury amalgam, starting with a ban on amalgam for children and pregnant women. Tell Dr. Shuren, too, that Canada gave these warnings 15 years ago -- which means that an entire generation of U.S. children has grown up unprotected from amalgam's mercury.

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