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'Drug Store Disability' Could Happen to You

Lisa Marks Smith is a mother of two living in Cincinnati. A mercury-containing flu shot she received at a drug store nearly killed her, and left her with paralysis, severe neurological problems, and 24 days in the hospital. And the U.S. government agrees as to the cause -- and a check from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program attests to the truth of her story.

Smith saw first-hand how carelessly flu shots are administered, how dangerous they are, and how little public health officials actually seem to care.

In an interview with Age of Autism, she had this to say:

"I was in the hospital 24 days. You could have two heart transplants, I think, and not stay 24 days. From that point it was just a matter of letting everything grow back, but I call it Barbie feet -- foot drop, where it damaged the peroneal nerves in my legs... my heels wouldn't touch the ground. So you wonder: autistic kids toe-walk, and that's how I walked."

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