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Trading Comfort Food for Family Activity

The Weiss family has an interesting holiday tradition -- just before Christmas every year, 61-year-old personal trainer Margie Weiss gathers her six grandchildren, puts them in elf ears and reindeer hats, and has them assist her in leading a weight-pumping workout.

Margie believes in comfort activity rather than comfort food. The result is a healthy family -- in fact, an astonishingly health family.

According to the Washington Post:

"Chances are you've heard of Margie's 34-year-old son, Michael Weiss, a two-time Olympic figure skater who has turned pro ... Her daughters Geremi, 37, also an accomplished skater, and Genna, 38, a former world junior diving champ, have both joined the family training business ... Even great-grandpa Lewis B. Sims, who's 101 ... lifts weights to keep up his strength."

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