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4 Ways to Save Antibiotics

Bacteria are gradually becoming more and more resistant to virtually all existing antibiotics. This could eventually lead to a worldwide medical crisis. The Scientists offers some ways to extend the functional life of our antibiotic arsenal -- here are four of them:

  1. Do the obvious
  2. Prevent their unnecessary use in people and farm animals, and require better infection control measures in hospitals.

  3. Assess the impact
  4. Monitor the fate of all antibiotics sold as prescriptions and as over-the-counter medicine -- do they end up in wastewater systems and landfills and become a breeding ground for new superbugs?

  5. Explore entirely different drugs
  6. Look for antibiotics utilizing new mechanisms without the development of resistance.

  7. Encourage and incentivize the industry
  8. Encourage and incentivize the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to develop safe and effective non-antibiotic anti-infectives that could replace all topical antibiotics for eyes, skin, ear, and over-the-counter antibiotics.

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