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New Evidence Identifies Strong Cell Phone Cancer Link

A recent study could change the debate over cell phones and cancer.  A research group has reported a sharp increase in the incidence of parotid gland tumors over the last 30 years.

For many years now, skeptics have argued that the epidemiological studies pointing to a tumor risk from cell phones must be wrong, because no one has seen an increase in cell-phone related tumors in the general population.  But one of these studies found that heavy users of cell phones "showed significantly elevated risks" of parotid gland tumors.

According to Microwave News:

“The parotid gland is a type of salivary gland -- the one that is closest to the cheek next to where most people hold their cell phones. Interestingly, the new ... data show no similar increases in the two other major types of salivary glands, the submandibular and sublingual glands that are further away from the phone”.

In related news, another study has confirmed that design flaws in the 2010 Interphone study caused the risk of brain tumors to be underestimated.  The Interphone study claimed that use of a digital cell phone for more than ten years led to an 118 percent increase in the risk of brain cancer. But a reanalysis revealed that the actual risk increase could be as high as 180 percent.

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