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Probable Carcinogen in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities

A new analysis has shown the presence of hexavalent chromium, a probably carcinogen, in the tap water of 31 cities across the U.S.  Bottled water may not be an alternative, because it is often drawn from municipal water systems and can still contain hexavalent chromium or other contaminants.

Basic water filters do not remove hexavalent chromium.  However, reverse-osmosis systems designed for home use can take the chemical out of water.

The Washington Post reports:

“The analysis, released ... by the Environmental Working Group, is the first nationwide look at hexavalent chromium in drinking water to be made public. The advocacy group sampled tap water from 35 cities and detected hexavalent chromium in 31 of those communities. Of those, 25 had levels that were higher than a health goal proposed last year by the state of California.”

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