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Helpful Raw Milk Drinking Mom Threatened with Prosecution

For 7 years, Rae Lynn Sandvig has been helping her local dairy farmer, Michael Hartmann, distribute unpasteurized milk to 35 or 40 friends and neighbors. Sandvig gets nothing from this arrangement except the pleasure of helping out her neighbors.

But as a result of her efforts, Sandvig has found herself a target of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). Now she faces accusations that she is assisting in the illegal sale of raw milk, and she has been threatened with criminal prosecution.

According to Grist:

"By making Sandvig the first consumer to be caught up in the legal machinations, Minnesota seems to have opened a new chapter in the five-year-old war on raw milk. Up until now, government crackdowns around the country have focused entirely on farmers who run raw-milk dairies, along with managers of buying clubs ... Until Minnesota went after Sandvig, the assumption by all involved, including the FDA, seems to have been that consumers are off limits".

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