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The Best Fitness Routines Fit Your Personality

Researchers have speculated that your exercise routine may be easier to stick to if it fits your personality.

According to Live Science:

"Decades of psychological research have boiled down human personality to five different components: conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism and openness to experience."

Here are their suggestions for an exercise routine based on the most dominant part of your personality.


Conscientious people like having a regular exercise routine, and may prefer solo activities such as weightlifting or using a treadmill.


Impulsive people need to take extra measures to help them stick to a routine, such as writing down the plan in detail.

People person

Extroverts are most likely to enjoy group classes and team sports.


Sensitive people use exercise because of its calming effect; people who exercise regularly tend to exhibit more emotional stability.

Unquenchable curiosity

If you are particularly open to new experience, you will likely be happiest exercising outdoors, especially an activity like running, cycling, or walking.

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