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Tragically, Average Child in U.S. Gets Seven Radiation Scans

An average child in the United States will undergo more than seven radiation scans by the age of 18. Most of the scans involve X-rays, and some children also get CT scans, which entail far more radiation and can raise the risk for cancer.

A recent large study found that X-rays of the chest, hand and foot are the most common. Forty-two percent of the children examined had at least one radiation procedure, and 25 percent had two or more just during the three-year study period -- and that doesn't even count dental X-rays, which were not included in the study.

Parent Dish reports:

"The rapid growth of CT scans, which provide extremely detailed pictures of the body, and other medical imaging in recent decades has led to big increases in the average American's total radiation exposure ... The authors extrapolate from their data that nearly 6 million U.S. children will get at least one CT scan during a three-year period."

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