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Fit but Fat: Fact or Fiction?

The "fit but fat" concept -- the notion that you can reduce the risk associated with obesity by improving your cardiovascular fitness -- has its origins in a 1999 study which concluded that the health benefits of leanness were limited to fit men. However, the study has been criticized for being limited.

In a more recent study, researchers compared the effects of diet and exercise on markers of inflammation. They found that weight loss itself was actually more effective than exercise on reducing markers of inflammation.

Hive Health Media concludes:

"Though the debate over being fit but fat is far from over, the research in this area points to a few simple conclusions. First, for those that are obese, there are numerous health benefits associated with exercise and improving their cardiovascular fitness. Yes, it's better to be fit and fat, than unfit and fat. Secondly, the research indicates that it's far healthier to be lean and fit than fit and fat."

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