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8 Tricks for Boosting Your Metabolism

Yahoo Shine suggests eight ways to boost your metabolism and keep unwanted pounds from your waistline:

Do Intervals

Periodic fast-paced intervals raise your metabolic rate higher than a steady cardio workout can.

Add Some Ice

There is some evidence that drinking cold water can cause a surge in metabolic rate.

Eat a Big Breakfast

A fat-filled morning meal will jumpstart your metabolism for the day faster than a low fat, low-calorie breakfast will.

Drink Green Tea

A study found that people who drank three to five cups daily for three months cut 5 percent off their body weight.

Consider Caffeine

Coffee drinkers have a 16 percent higher metabolic rate -- but make sure you take it early to avoid sleeping problems.

Don't Skimp on Dairy

Calcium-rich foods and drinks increase the rate at which fat turns into waste.

Build More Muscle

Lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism and makes losing weight more easy.

Pick Up Heavier Weights

Use heavy weights at a very slow rate to break down your muscles. Your metabolism goes up while your body makes muscle repairs.

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