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Can Sitting Too Much Kill You?

Even if get a lot of exercise, there are still many hours each day you spend not being active. Does it matter how you spend those hours? The evidence suggests it does.

The evidence is mounting that time spent sitting is associated with increased risk mortality -- and that relationship exists independent of physical activity levels. There are a number of mechanisms that could explain this, such as reduced energy expenditure, increased food intake, and physiological adaptations (sedentary behavior causes rapid and dramatic changes in skeletal muscle.)

According to Scientific American:

"In short, given the consistent links between sedentary behavior and both death and disease, and the ubiquity of sedentary behavior in our society, we should be very concerned about the health impact of sedentary behavior ... Finally, if you take only one thing from this post, let it be this -- sitting too much is not the same as exercising too little."

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