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The United States' Organic Deception

The word "organic" is becoming little more than a money-maker for corporations who want to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, the FDA and USDA, which are the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting the organic food supply, are intensely active in its adulteration.

A "certified organic" product can actually have a mix of organic and conventional ingredients. In fact, under the law, you could manufacture "organic beer" with completely conventional hops, label it "USDA Certified Organic," and charge a premium price for it -- hops are allowed to be non-organic under USDA Certified Organic products.

As Farm Wars puts it:

"It's like putting gasoline in a glass of pure water and charging a premium for that water because it only contains 30 percent of the contaminant. 30 percent contamination is probably better than 100 percent, but would you want to drink it? The whole glass of water is poisoned due to the gasoline, yet the companies selling this product would like you to believe that because it contains pure water it is good."

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