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Five Crazy and New Genetically Modified Foods

Roughly 200 million acres of farmland are now being used to grow genetically modified (GM) organisms. The most common are soybeans, corn, cotton, and canola. Yahoo News, however, lists a few that are being developed, but have not yet been approved by the U.S. FDA:

1. Chicken Egg Drugs

Chickens are being genetically modified to produce disease-fighting compounds in their eggs.

2. Non-Browning Apples

The apples don't brown as quickly because the gene that produces the enzyme polyphenol oxidase has been shut off.

3. Fast-Growing Salmon

GM salmon achieve full size in sixteen to eighteen months rather than three years. The FDA isn't even evaluating the environmental concerns, such as pollution, waste, mating, and concentration of disease.

4. Hyper-Producing Seeds

Scientists are working to create plum tomato seeds that increase the yield by half.

5. Enviro-Pigs

Canada has already approved limited production of pigs that produce 65 percent less phosphorous in their waste products.

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