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Vaccine Court Scam Protects the Drug Cartel

The Vaccine Liability Fund was to provide drug manufacturers protection from prosecution. If someone sues for vaccine injury, their case is not heard in a normal courtroom -- it goes to a special Vaccine Liability Court. This violates Constitutional due process.

Your case, if you seek damages, is handed over to a panel of 3 to 5 selected 'Special Masters', who may or may not have any appropriate medical or legal background. There is no jury. If they rule against you, you can then file your case with a federal or state court, if you're not already financially ruined by the expense of it all, and if a federal and state court even agrees to hear such a case -- which they rarely do.

The PPJ Gazette opines:

"While the pharmaceutical producers of vaccines and the FDA and a host of other stakeholders insist there is no connection to the injuries suffered from vaccines, the number of lawsuits increases each year ... And to think that as few as three carefully selected Special Masters are allowed to decide whether the death, injury or lifetime trauma to your child or an adult, has merit or not. There is something really, truly sick and perverted about this system."

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