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Could Omega-3 Fats Prevent Brain Injury?

Experiments suggest that the omega-3 fat docosahexanoic acid (DHA) might help protect against traumatic brain injury (TBI). Groups at high risk of TBI include military personnel and athletes in contact sports.

Rats were treated with DHA at varying doses, after one month of treatment, the tissue damage caused by induced TBI was significantly reduced in rats taking the highest dose of DHA. Rats given DHA also performed better on a test of spatial memory, which indicates a reduced amount of behavioral impairment.

Newswise reports:

"The new study adds to recent evidence suggesting that DHA may be the first treatment of any type to reduce brain tissue damage caused by TBI ... The results are especially timely in the face of heightened concern about the effects of TBI -- including damage caused by repeated concussions -- in football players."

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