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The Soy and Other 'Natural' Food Products in Your Cabinet May Contain a Dangerous Neurotoxin

It's an ironic truth that many of the most scary, and definitely non-certified organic, foods in the U.S. are labeled "natural". In fact, all too often, it's the companies claiming their products are "natural" that are doing the most unnatural things to your food.

One example is the widespread use of hexane, a neurotoxin, in processed foods that aren't certified organic. Hexane is a flammable, EPA-listed air pollutant. It is used in the manufacture of cleaning agents, glues, roof sealer, automobile tires, energy bars, veggie burgers, and soy, corn, and canola oils. If the food products on that list have not been certified organic, some of the ingredients have probably been processed with hexane -- even if it's labeled "natural". And the U.S. has no limits on acceptable hexane residue levels in soy and oilseed products.

Ari LeVaux, writing in AlterNet, says:

"The organic watchdog group Cornucopia Institute arranged for a lab to test samples of U.S. soy products for hexane content. Hexane was found, in levels as high as 21 parts per million -- more than twice the 10 ppm allowed by the EU in comparable products."

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