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Exercise Lowers Death Risk for Men with Prostate Cancer

A new study has found that, for men with prostate cancer, physical activity is associated with a lower risk of death. Men who did more vigorous activity had the lowest risk of dying from the disease.

Prostate cancer will affect one in six U.S. men during their lifetimes. More than 2 million U.S. men, and 16 million men worldwide, are prostate cancer survivors.

Eurekalert reports:

"Compared with men who walked less than 90 minutes per week at an easy pace, those who walked 90 or more minutes per week at a normal to very brisk pace had a 46 percent lower risk of dying from any cause. Only vigorous activity ... was associated with reduced prostate cancer mortality. Men who did vigorous activity had a 61 percent lower risk of prostate cancer-specific death".

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