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Keeping Anderson Cooper Honest -- Who is the Real Fraud?

Brian Deer is the journalist who has been calling Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who performed a study that alleged a link between MMR vaccine and autism, a fraud -- most recently in the British Medical Journal. Brian Deer's appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 inadvertently revealed a certain truth -- many major news outlets, particularly CNN and Anderson Cooper, have failed the U.S. viewing audience by giving this journalist a platform without checking his background.

Deer is not a reporter for the Sunday Times of London, although he was billed as such on Cooper's show. It's not actually clear who is paying Deer at this point. When he began his investigation of Wakefield, he was supported by a drug company front group. He somehow had access to the medical records of the "Lancet 12" children in Wakefield's study long before having them would have been legal. And there are many other questions about Deer, few or none of which were raised on Anderson Cooper 360.

J.B. Handley, writing for Age of Autism, says:

"I have personally shared this information with Anderson Cooper's producer and CNN's medical editor. I have personally introduced Lancet 12 parents to CNN and others as of Friday. I hope they interview the Lancet 12 parents and let America see our side. This is one of the most ridiculous whitewashings I have ever seen. CNN and many others got caught with their pants down -- will they clean up their own mess, or leave it to the parents to deal with?"

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