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Could Vitamin D Deficiency Make Kids Fat?

Lack of vitamin D could actually put a child at risk for obesity. A new study examined the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and risk of childhood obesity.

The study followed almost 500 school children for about two and a half years. The researchers found that vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency were associated with a 0.1-point yearly increase in BMI and a 0.8 centimeter yearly increase in waist circumference. And these are annual figures, meaning that the effects will build up into significant amounts over time.

According to FYI Living:

"Previous studies suggest that vitamin D may influence fat mass accumulation through its influence on calcium regulation within the cells. Since calcium has been shown to influence the breakdown of fat cells and storage of fat within these cells, it is thought that vitamin D might influence Body Mass Index (BMI) and metabolism via this mechanism."

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