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The 'No Child Left Unimmunized' Bill

Section 2524 of the health care reform bill contains some troubling news -- it created a program called "No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza". It established elementary and secondary schools across the U.S. as flu vaccination centers.

The bill also states that participation in the program will be "voluntary," but it is a serious question just how voluntary it is for most parents when they send their children to a flu vaccination center every day -- one where school officials are being ordered to "leave no child left behind against influenza."

According to Organic Health Advisor:

"This bill would ensure that year after year more American children than ever before would get shot up with vaccines full of devastating toxins ... The reality is that the 'No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza' program in the health care reform bill is a direct assault on our health freedom and on the health of our children."

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