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5 Flu Fixes

ABC News reports on some little known ways you can boost your immune system and help ward off illness. Here are their suggestions:

Gentle Blowing

When you suffer from congestion, hard blowing can make symptoms worse by pushing virus-laden mucus further into your sinuses. Gentle blowing of the nose, just clearing the front, seems to work better.

Relaxing Music

Thirty minutes of soothing music boosts your immune system's production of immunoglobulin (IgA), a protein that fights disease.

Vitamin D

People with low vitamin D levels are 40 percent more likely to report respiratory infections -- and if you suffer from asthma, low vitamin D levels mean you're five times likelier to suffer from a respiratory infection.

Sex and Massage

Sex also has immune boosting effects, elevating your levels of IgA. Regular massage treatments also boost immunity, increasing the activity and number of your body's killer cells, which fight off pathogens.

Washing Your Hands

Sometimes the old-fashioned methods are still the best -- hand washing is one of the most effective ways of avoiding contamination.

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