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7 Surprising Sperm Killers That Could Leave Men Shooting Blanks

Everyday chemicals may be lowering your sperm count, scrambling DNA sperm data, or causing sperm mobility problems. You might already know that narrow bikes seats and antidepressants can cause problems. MSN lists seven more you might not have heard about:

1. Cash register receipts

About 40 percent of receipts are coated with bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been linked to fertility problems and low sperm count and quality.

2. Canned food

The biggest source of BPA contamination is food packaging; almost all metal cans are coated with a BPA resin.

3. Sex toys

You and your partner such avoid sex toys made of out vinyl. They contain phthalates, which are linked to cancer, allergies, birth defects, and infertility.

4. Your shower

Phthalates are also found in scented soaps, shampoos, and cleaners -- and in vinyl shower curtains.

5. Chemical-laced produce

Pesticides are meant to kill insect, but they can also affect your sperm.

6. Heated car seats

Heated car seats and heating pads increase testicular temperatures enough to decrease sperm production.

7. Contaminated fish

PCBs are a type of banned chemical, but enough remain in the environment to accumulate in fish.

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