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Distracted Eating Adds to Your Waistline

Researchers found that people who eat while distracted are worse at remembering what they had eaten, and also feel significantly less full just after eating. Researchers opined that if you can avoid eating in front of a computer screen or while doing another activity that distracts you, it might temper the tendency to snack later in the day.

In related news, an excellent way of reducing your food intake turns out to be taking a walk. Researchers looked at a group of frequent chocolate eaters, and found that if the subjects walked for 15 minutes on a treadmill, they were much less likely to suffer from cravings.

According to the New York Times:

"In other studies, scientists looked at the effects of brief walks on cigarette cravings. One in 2005 found that smokers who were told to abstain for a day had rapid reductions in the urge to smoke when they took 'self-paced, low-intensity' walks lasting about 15 minutes ... [A] brisk walk can ease cravings and help break some habits."

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