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Why Isn't More Wine 'Organic'?

Due to a quirk in U.S. wine labeling laws, organic farming of wine grapes remains an afterthought in the nation's vast food business. For a wine in the U.S. to be labeled organic, it is required to have no added sulfites -- but most winemakers feel that sulfites are crucial in winemaking.

The result is that no large producers make organic wine. So-called biodynamic, sustainable or "natural" wines, which do not carry the USDA organic label, are not subject to any strong official standards.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

"Because of that, some leading environmentalists in the wine industry ... are asking the government to allow sulfites to be added to wines labeled organic ... [T]hat change would encourage more grape growers to be certified organic, meaning the use of fewer herbicides and pesticides in vineyards."

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