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Beekeepers Fume at Association's Endorsement of Fatal Insecticides

Britain's beekeepers are angry at their own British Beekeepers' Association, after that organization's endorsement, for money, of four insecticides fatal to bees. The Association sold its logo to four European pesticide producers.

The active ingredients in the endorsed pesticides are synthetic pyrethroids, which are powerful insect-killers. The deal was struck without the knowledge of the overwhelming majority of the Association's members.

According to the Independent:

"After news of the deal emerged, some members expressed outrage and others resigned ... An open letter signed by prominent figures in the world of the environment and agriculture condemns the British Beekeepers' Association for its commercial relationship with the German chemicals giants Bayer and BASF, the Swiss-based Syngenta and the Belgian firm Belchim -- and demands that it permanently sever commercial links with agrochemical companies."

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