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What's in Your Food? You Might Be Surprised

U.S. regulations only require that food labels list ingredients in descending order by weight. This means that consumers are sometimes left with only a vague picture of what is in their food. AOL Health has assembles a list of some of the biggest ingredient offenders. They include:

Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers' juice looks like it contains fresh fruit juice, if you go by the packaging. But one look at the ingredient list will tell you there's next to no juice at all. There are four teaspoons of refined sugar in every serving, however.

The "strawberries" in strawberries and cream Quaker instant oatmeal are actually dehydrated apples that are dyed red. The peaches and cream variety also has dehydrated apples that are dyed a peachy hue.

Betty Crocker's Supermoist Carrot Cake Mix is mostly flour, sugar and corn syrup -- with no carrots. There are a few "carrot-flavored pieces", however.

Bac-Os bacon-flavored bits contain no animal products -- they are a blend of defatted soy flour, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, artificial flavoring, salt and sugar.

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