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Doctor Fired After Revealing Testing Flaws

Dr. Kiran Sagar is a cardiologist whose research revealed that other doctors at her hospital, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, were misreading a substantial number of diagnostic echocardiograms. She was fired by the hospital two months later.

Sagar said she said she was never told why she was being let go, and suspects it was because of her research and the publicity it generated. In an e-mail, an Aurora spokesman claimed that Sagar's firing was not related to her research.

According to ABC News:

"Sagar, 65, who has trained dozens of doctors in echocardiography over the years, is one of the first female cardiologists to practice in Wisconsin ... Sagar said she now is unable to practice medicine in the area because of a noncompete clause in her contract that prohibits her from working as a doctor within 20 miles for two years."

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