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Is America Becoming a Fascist Country?

Fascism sounds like a word out of history, conjuring images of World War II. But the word, and its meaning, are creeping back into popular contemporary usage.

Writer Naomi Wolf and outgoing Democratic Congressman John Hall have both warned that America may be creeping towards fascism -- Wolf points to repressive laws and militarism, and Hall to the influx of corporate money into politics. And the erosion of economic stability is already turning a financial crisis into a social one -- already militias are forming because of fears of immigration, and there are concerns that if unemployment remains high there is likely to be more violence.

According to Danny Schechter, writing in AlterNet:

"Among the classical characteristics of fascism is a shutting down of debate and a focus on the state--which in our country is controlled by lobbyists and private interests. Wall Street and the military-industrial complex have far more clout than elected officials ... Several writers believe that if and when fascism comes to America it will be packaged in a friendly form tied to beneficial advertising slogans and public interest messaging."

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