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The Chickenpox Vaccine is a Dangerous Mistake

Dr. F. Edward Yazbak argues that of all pediatric mandated vaccination programs, the universal pediatric chickenpox vaccination program makes even less sense than most of the others.

Until the mid-nineties, it was widely believed that chickenpox was a mild childhood illness. But fifteen years ago, chickenpox suddenly became a very serious disease, with multiple TV and press reports about children dying from chickenpox. Merck and the CDC created "a need" for a vaccine, which was quickly developed and quickly licensed. The vaccine is still selling well.

Before the introduction of the vaccination program in the U.S., almost 95 percent of adults experienced natural chickenpox, usually as school age children. These cases resulted in long term immunity. But now, this large reservoir of individuals having that long term immunity has been seriously compromised by the mass vaccination of children that provides at best 70 to 90 percent immunity of unknown duration. This has shifted chickenpox to adults, where it takes the more dangerous form of shingles.

According to Dr. Yazbak, writing in Vaccination News:

"One must also keep in mind that regardless of the number of boosters, the acquired immunity from vaccination will never equal the strong constantly-boosted natural immunity we all had in the past, before the Universal Varicella [Chickenpox] Vaccination program was launched. Varicella vaccination was a mistake. Mandating it as a universal vaccination program for every child was an even bigger mistake."

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