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Story of Why One Vegetarian Converted to Farmer and Meat Eater

Jenna Woginrich was a vegetarian for the bulk of her adult life, starting once she discovered the horrors of the brutal American factory farm system and its effects on the environment. Now, after a decade, she is a vegetarian no longer. Instead, she owns and operates a small farm where she raises her own chicken, pork, lamb, rabbit, turkey and eggs.

Woginrich had a change of heart when realized that her aversion to meat wasn't solving the animal welfare problem. She decided that the real way to make sure that animals she ate lived a happy, respectable life was to raise them herself.

Writing in AlterNet, Woginrich argues:

"Every meal you eat that supports a sustainable farm changes the agricultural world. I cannot possibly stress this enough. Your fork is your ballot, and when you vote to eat a steak or leg of lamb purchased from a small farmer you are showing the industrial system you are actively opting out."