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ALERT -- Email this to Your Parents and Grandparents to Prevent them from Being Scammed

Here's something you might not have known about AOL -- 80 percent of the company's profits come from subscribers, but 75 percent of those subscribers are paying for something they don't actually need.

Many of AOL's subscribers are older people who don't realize that they do not need to pay an extra twenty-five dollars a month for AOL's usually redundant dial-up service. They are not aware that they don't need to subscribe to AOL to get online.

According to Business Insider:

"... [I]f a big portion of AOL's subscribers really are only paying the company because they think they have to to keep using their free email, you have to agree -- this is not ending fast enough."

To help out, Business Insider posted a demonstration showing how any AOL user can quit the service from the AOL web client.

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