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Parents Don't Recognize Obesity in Their Children

Although childhood obesity is a growing problem, many parents are often surprised and angry when told that their child has a weight problem. Many parents seem to be unable to tell when their own child is overweight.

A poll showed of over 1,000 parents showed that only 14 percent who had an obese child considered their child to be overweight. The problem, according to BBC News, is that everyone has adjusted to overweight being the norm. When a third of children are overweight, it becomes hard to identify when a child has a problem.

BBC News further reports:

"Parents are not alone in having difficulty recognizing when children have an unhealthy weight. Studies in the U.S. and the UK show that health professionals often underestimate children's weight too. When shown pictures they invariably mis-categorize children as being a healthier weight than they are, unless the child is exceptionally obese."

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