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Ohio Mom Jailed For Putting Kids in Safer School

Kelley Williams-Bolar, a mother of two living in Ohio, has been sentenced to 10 days in jail and placed on three years' probation simply for sending her kids to a school district in which they did not live, which was safer than their own.

Williams-Bolar was convicted on two counts of tampering with court records after registering her two girls as living with her father, Edward L. Williams. Williams-Bolar and her father have also been charged with a fourth-degree felony of grand theft, for defrauding the school system for two years of educational services for the girls.

Change.org reports:

"As punishment for doing everything in her power to keep her children safe, Ms. Williams-Bolar, a single mother with no previous criminal record, has been made a felon by Ohio judge Patricia Cosgrove. In addition to jail time, a large fine and probation, Ms. Williams-Bolar's felony conviction has also robbed her of her future."

Because of the felony conviction, she will not be allowed to get her teaching degree, although she has nearly completed her education -- under Ohio law felons are not permitted to teach. At the link below is a petition you can sign if you do not feel that Kelley Williams-Bolar's punishment appropriately fits her crime.

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