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Raising Awareness about Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is a concern for everyone. Increasing news coverage, studies, and even new legislation are all helping educate the public on radiation risks.

One of the foremost experts in electromagnetic pollution is Camilla Rees. She has devoted herself to making people aware of the threat of electrosmog and bringing the problem into the public consciousness. She has packaged EMF education for distribution to audiences including Congress, state legislatures, health practitioners, patients, schools, businesses, and parents. Many experts in the field of reducing electromagnetic pollution praise and appreciate the work Camilla has done.

A two-part profile of Camilla Rees and the work she has been doing, originally published in Explore! Magazine, has been linked below. You can read about her journey, the growing problem, and the possible solutions. According to the articles:

"[Rees says,] 'This is a species issue ... There is early evidence there may be a link between EMF exposures and autism ... We know radiation is affecting our DNA and jeopardizing the health of future generations. There is research from many countries now showing dramatic decline in sperm count from exposure to cell phone radiation ... I really don't think it's possible, when you know the disturbing truth, to stop caring -- to stop wanting to support life.'"