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How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life

Dr. Mark Hyman, writing in the Huffington Post, notes that the slow displacement of home cooked and communally shared family meals has fattened people and weakened family ties. Children who have regular meals with their parents have better grades, healthier relationships, and are more likely to stay out of trouble

Nonetheless, according to Hyman:

"In 1900, 2 percent of meals were eaten outside the home. In 2010, 50 percent were eaten away from home and one in five breakfasts is from McDonald's. Most family meals happen about three times a week, last less than 20 minutes and are spent watching television or texting while each family member eats a different microwaved 'food.' More meals are eaten in the minivan than the kitchen."

He offers some suggestions on how you can bring the family dinner back into your home. They include:

Reclaim Your Kitchen

Fill your shelves with real fresh, whole, local foods when possible.

Reinstate the Family Dinner

Make a set dinnertime, and allow no phones or texting during dinner.

Invest in Food

Americans currently spend less than10 percent of their income on food. Most Europeans spend about 20 percent. You will be more nourished by good food than by more stuff.

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